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If I was to just simply start this by saying Barcelona won 5-0 it would do an absolute massive disservice to Barcelona.  In the years I’ve watched them, especially recently, they have been magnificent.  But of all the victories this team has recorded this may just be the one that defines them as one of, if not the greatest side of our game.

In recent weeks Mourinho has turned Real into an equal of Barca, ahead in the league and scoring a barrel loads of goals just like their Catalan counterparts.  But Mourinho now realises that he has a massive climb if he wants to better Barca.

Xavi started the rout just nine minutes in controlling a pass with what seemed like his heel before volleying past the oncoming Casillas.

Pedro added a second not long after when meeting a David Villa cross.  We had to wait till the second half for the third and fourth goals which came via Messi assisting Villa.  The second of which is one of the best passes you will ever see from the little Argentinian.

From the first moment tonight Real were on the backfoot.  Every fifty fifty you expected Barca to win, every pass you expected Barca to complete.  As the game wore on Real players started going into hiding.  The only time Ronaldo showed was up was during a few flashes of petulance and a couple of wayward free kicks.

Just after Jeffren hit the fifth in the dying moments you could see the looks of absolute despair on the Madrid faces.  Casillas pulled his socks up to try and focus on something other than the catalans holding up all five fingers.  Ramos looked like a man possessed as he proved just seconds later by hacking Messi down and receiving his marching orders.

The question in La Liga now must not be how good are this Barcelona side, because we know that, arguably the greatest team this planet has ever seen.  The question must be how does Mourinho pick up his troops?  How does he pick up himself?  Mouinho has never lost by three goals before tonight.  In one ninty minute game Real’s confidence has gone from sky high to rock bottom, possibly the lowest it may ever be at the Bernabeau, some must be thinking, what can we do to beat this team?

One team played to their potential and one didn’t” – Jose Mourinho

But these questions won’t answer themselves over night, the time right now is for Barcelona to celebrate but this league has a long way to go, but I feel Barca have secured more than just three points tonight a psychological victory, something Mourinho is an expert in…

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