Liverpool FC: Suárez and Dalglish Are Now Tarnished

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With Kenny Dalglish, Luis Suárez and Liverpool Football Club now failing to see why one man calling another “negro” on the pitch is a matter worth of an apology it is clear to see their reputation is declining rapidly. Liverpool have gone from a historic and respected football club to a club that even fails to condemn a racial slur due to blind loyalty.

Just before Christmas here on this fine footballing corner of the internet, The Oval Log, I posted a piece claiming “Liverpool Have Lost the Plot on Evra/Suárez”. It got quite a bit of attention and there were many comments as something like that tends to receive. Vindication is nice but now let’s begin the second and (amazing-twist-not-withstanding) final part of this whole debacle.

Even in light of a very thorough report by the FA’s independent commission it seems that Liverpool haven’t moved on from there. Liverpool still has emphatically not admitted to any wrongdoing on their, or more importantly, their player’s part. Patrice Evra is no doubt still awaiting an apology for being racially abused and then terribly slandered by what should be a “professional” football club.

An apology from the club and from Suárez to Evra would surely have killed the story and meant the club and player could start to move on and draw a line under everything. Yet they still refuse to even admit that one player calling another a “negro” is wrong. It’s something that deserves further scorning from all corners of football and beyond.

After Liverpool’s 3-0 defeat away to Manchester City last night at the press conference Kenny Dalglish seems to have perfectly summed up the childish logic that the club has shown since this entire fiasco started soon after the 1-1 draw back in October.

Firstly he says that linguist experts will say that it is “perfectly acceptable” in Uruguay for this to say. Interesting considering the linguistic experts at the hearing said that although in some circumstances it can be seen as acceptable when there is confrontation going on it certainly is not. Especially when you are not in Uruguay – this is something he should have be told by Liverpool management a long time ago.

Liverpool also claim there are things that were said at the hearing there were not in the report. A remarkable accusation and yet if they continue not to pursue such ideas then they will simply come off as having made it all up. It now serves as the only real straw they can grab hold of.

Included in that Kenny Dalglish’s support for himself and the squad wearing t-shirts in support of Suárez before the Wigan game in spite of the fact they were supporting someone who they knew had racially abused another player.

The club most also desist in claiming that it is a matter of “one player’s word against another” something that is clearly untrue. We now for a fact that Suárez admitted to using the word “negro” once – the only claim where it is one man’s word against another is that Evra claims he used the word several times more. The extra racial abuse is something Luis Suárez has not been punished for.

Liverpool’s futile attempts at disagreeing with the verdict and continuing to place themselves as victims in the most surprising of ways is only going to aggravate the entire situation. They have taken the lead in something their fans will most likely continue on in more unpleasant ways.

Indeed their failure to appeal despite the fact they are so “innocent” is perhaps the most obvious proof of guilt. After all of this Liverpool need to find a way to dig themselves out of the abyss of a hole that they have dug themselves in if they even can. There is no “Justice for Suárez” because he simply doesn’t deserve it.

What next for Liverpool? A grand firing of their PR team would be a start and perhaps some of their law team too. Suárez should be given a slap on the wrist from the club and everyone involved, Dalglish included, should so even smallest bit of humility and apologise. Even if in fact they don’t mean it – they should at least show that racist remarks on the pitch are unacceptable all of the time and try and restore the club’s prior reputation.

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