Is Kenny really the King?

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If you’d ask the majority of Liverpool fans this question I imagine they would look at you with a face of bemusement, confusion and slight hilarity given the possibility that, to them, this is like asking if Michael Owen is a traitor.

This highlights the idiotic blind loyalty that the hardcore Liverpool fans have for their beloved club. The good side of it is a home game at Anfield in Europe with the whole Kop in full song getting right behind their team. The ugly side of this loyalty has been seen on t-shirts worn by players and fans, scarves pledging loyalty to one Luis Suarez and also one moronic cretin of a fan who racially abused Tom Adeyemi of Oldham and is not being charged. I’m not saying he did so because Luis Suarez abused Patrice Evra but that the clubs support of him might have allowed this idiot with his warped view of the world, to think it OK.

Obviously Kenny Dalglish cannot be blamed for Luis Suarez’s actions but for the King to support and back him all the way when the evidence is against him is more than brave, it’s stupid and gives the idea that Kenny has fallen behind in regards to the beautiful game and is no more than a great memory.

Kenny Dalglish has apologised along with Suarez for the game against Manchester United at Old Trafford but the events of that day will stick in the memory of the lifeblood of any team, the fans.

Kenny’s statement at the end of the game was one of pure ignorance. He said that he didn’t see the handshake incident but in an age when you can find out the final score of Rennes vs Auxerre via a mobile phone in less than five minutes makes it hard to believe.

I do believe however that a manager’s ability should be based on his performances on the pitch and the points he gains to get his team a deserved league position. It seems however that Kenny disagrees:  “There are many ways you can judge a season and the best way is progress at the football club as a whole. I don’t think it necessarily relates to trophies or points. “

After the optimism of Kenny’s arrival has faded the stark reality at Liverpool is worrying to say the least. They have managed 5 points in the league so far this year, have a points average in 2012 of 0.6 per game, they lie 7th in the league 13 points away from Champions League qualification and all this after spending  £115 million in the summer not to mention the Andy Carrol conundrum.

All this can be exemplified by their latest “performance” against Sunderland. It can be said that under Martin O’Neil Sunderland have looked a brilliant side to watch and are reminiscent of the football O’Neil had Aston Villa playing when the likes of Ashley Young, Stewart Downing and Gareth Barry were there but this was a Sunderland desperately low on players following the suspension of the talismanic Stephane Sessegnon and the one man fouling machine that is Lee Catermole. To make things worse the man that scored the winner was none other than self-professed world beater Nichols Bendtner. Not only that but one of last season’s best performers in the Premier League, Charlie Adam, had yet another shocker. He fouled left, he fouled right and he fouled centre and to top it off he didn’t look bothered.

With this in mind maybe Liverpool should sack Kenny Dalglish and hire Ian Holloway, imagine watching Luis Suarez trying to understand those instructions.

If these results were happening under any other manager, say for example Roy Hodgson, the Kop and the fans wouldn’t stand for it but because it’s King Kenny he hides behind a laboured Carling Cup victory over a team in the league below that they had to take to penalties and, bizarrely, a new kit deal.

This evening is one of the biggest derbies in Britain at Anfield between two teams separated by two points. If Liverpool win it could change their season and they can at least challenge for  Europa league spot or Kenny will suffer the same fate Gary Megson suffered after his old team won a passionate derby game. No I don’t think that’ll happen either.

We will be seeing one of the best managers Scotland and the Premier League have to offer in the context of the modern game, David Moyes. If Everton can win and go ahead of their rivals and they can somehow get just a bit more money to spend, we may see a shift in the tide by the river Mersey.

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