Nike CTR360 Maestri II Review

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As Spain overcame the rest of Europe to lay claim to the European Championship this summer, one characteristic stuck out among the elite Spanish playmakers. Among the royal dark blue shorts and traditional red top and socks, Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas donned light blue and white football boots to little cohesion or matching style.  These were of course the new Nike CTR360 Maestri II boots, the chosen weapon of the World’s best playmakers.



When putting the boot on, the first thing that comes to mind is the immense support and comfort. The sockliner is a registered trademark of the current Nike series. Named PORON, the lightweight packaging allows cushioning on either side of the ankle as well as reduced friction from the studs at the bottom of the shoe. Similarly the suede lining along the border of the heel offers further comfort as well as the plate along the shoe’s sole offering reassurance that such comfort is backed up with simple reinforcement.

Carbon re-inforced chassis, with bladed studs.


Dual sensitive studs makes the Maestri II a formidable opponent on hard surface synthetic pitches. The blades run parallel to the length of the boot from the toe to the heel, allowing grip yet minimum drag when sprinting, as well as perpendicular studded blades at the base of the standing foot allowing grip whilst standing.  With the new Carbon Chassis attaching the studs to the boot itself, the process of displacing any momentum or pressure coming up from the studs and sole of the foot is successfully dispelled through the rubber and leather- like KangaLite  material.

Pass and receive pads for exceptional ball control


With rubber padded ‘pass pads’ on the inside curve and outer toe, receiving the ball at any angle is already made incredibly easy. The asymmetrical lacing makes passing or shooting  with power or precision equally as easy from any spot. Like most Nike boots, the product takes comfort in consistent design throughout the surface of the shoe allowing an all round feeling of control and dependability.

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