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Five Reasons Why Guardiola Could Succeed Ferguson.

April 28, 2012


He suits the criteria: Both Guardiola and Ferguson have made youth and attractive football the focal points of the clubs they have masterminded in recent years. The likes of Scholes, Xavi, Iniesta, Giggs, Pedro, Beckham and Messi have all been groomed to near perfection by their respective gaffers and are now legendary names in the […]

Is Kenny really the King?

March 13, 2012


If you’d ask the majority of Liverpool fans this question I imagine they would look at you with a face of bemusement, confusion and slight hilarity given the possibility that, to them, this is like asking if Michael Owen is a traitor. This highlights the idiotic blind loyalty that the hardcore Liverpool fans have for […]

So Long Gary Megson

March 2, 2012


  It is less than a week since I was sat on row 9 of the Kop at Hillsborough watching my beloved Sheffield Wednesday valiantly, yet not beautifully, battle to a one nil victory over bitter rivals Sheffield United. The match itself was a blur of nerves, clenched buttocks and chanting obscenities that’d make Bill […]

Steven Kean: The Scapegoat of Blackburn Rovers

December 22, 2011


By the time this article is out in the world of the Internet hopefully the humane thing has been done by Venky’s and Steve Kean is unemployed. It may seem as cruel to wish this upon someone during the season to be jolly but at the minute every game at Ewood Park is like a re-enactment of each individual uprising from […]

Roberto Mancini: Working wonders or doing what’s expected?

December 15, 2011


Nothing brings people together like a common enemy; local gangs put aside differences in the summer riots, Eric Cartman and Bart Simpson came together to stop Family Guy on South Park and Carlos Tevez brought the Manchester City fans closer to their manager. After the infamous game away at Bayern Munich all City fans began […]

Manchester United: 5 Reasons why they suit the Europa League

December 9, 2011


1. We could have a Manchester derby…… again! So far we’ve had the thrilling 3-2 Manchester United comeback in the Community Shield, the 6-1 mauling given by City to their neighbours on their own turf, an encounter in the third round of the FA cup to look forward to during the post Christmas and new […]

Chelsea: How do you solve a problem like Fernando?

November 30, 2011


It’s a question that’s plagued football pundits all around the globe for nearly a year. How does a man go from playing world class football week in week out, only to move for an amount Super villain’s deem pricey and then turn into the walking talking definition of mediocrity? I am talking about Fernando Torres, […]